Tuesday, November 11, 2008

lovesick vampires - or, kings of leon

so, i recently got kings of leon's newest cd, and i think i am in love with a new band. again. i don't know why i never paid attention to this group before now, but ah well, at least i found them. and this might be my new favorite video on youtube. who IS that awesome tambourine player?? :) every band should have one of those. (i think that it's funny how most of the bands i like are somehow connected to pearl jam).

i was reading a little bit on their website and i'm sure that my twilight-obsessed friends will be interested to hear that closer, the first track on the album, is - honest to god - about a lovesick vampire. 2000 years of chasing has taken it's toll. ha. could be from edward's perspective, no?? (kristine, you were right, everything i think about somehow relates to twilight. i am very sick).

cold desert is my favorite song on their new album. i have been listening to it over and over this past week, so much that it'll probably quickly become a song i skip over (or, maybe it won't. we'll see), and it occurs to me, seeing them play it live, that it could easily become one of those cheesy power-ballad love songs, but i can't resist caleb's voice or that intoxicating bass. LOVE.

i REALLY REALLY regret not going to see them when they were in seattle in september. looking at their tour schedule, it doesn't look like they'll be anywhere near here anytime soon:(

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