Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

and we have all the time in the world
to get it right
to get it right
and we have all the time in the world
to set alight
..just look up

sometimes i have to remind myself of that. i love those lyrics.

jericho was confusing tonight. well, maybe that's because i fell asleep halfway through it. heh. what happened at the warehouse kristine? i fell asleep just as jake was standing there with his gun.

i hope i get good tickets for the swell season tomorrow. i'm actually kind of stressed out about it. i feel like i'm buying pearl jam tickets. see, that's the only bad thing really about liking a band that suddenly has become popular - tickets become harder to come by. i wonder if that will translate to the frames next time they tour.

did you fall on your way?

so i thought i might make a post about something else i'm obsessed with: the red sox. when i was a kid, my dad and i used to take a trip once a summer to fenway park to see a game. if you've never been to fenway park, it's magical (see fever pitch, the movie based partly on the book by the brilliantly hilarious nick hornby). so anyway, last year when the red sox won the world series, i was really happy. and i found this website around that time - - and now, with spring training about to begin, i decided to have a look at it again. even if you don't like the red sox, i think that the way she writes is quite entertaining. plus, she posts lots of pictures, and baseball players are not bad looking. i am sure that part of my love for the red sox is borne out of a fascination with boston. if i ever were to move from seattle, i think it would be to boston. it's a great city. plus, boston accents crack me up. as a matter of fact, i hope that pearl jam or the frames play in boston, so that i can justify a trip there this summer. haha

i am so tired - the week has felt like a month. i don't know why, but it has. maybe that's why i totally did not get lost tonight. what is going on??! i liked that it focused on desmond, but he spent too much of the episode in short hair. past desmond is not nearly as cute as future desmond. against my better judgement, i closed my eyes and ended up falling asleep and missed a little bit - what was going on with the auction? so penny's father bought some mysterious journal from the black rock ship? hmmm... so some people are able to time travel, but there are "side effects" ? i love that. i have to think about it some more..

i have my hotel reservation booked for vancouver, my plane reservations for san francisco in april.. i am so excited! eddie vedder, plus 2 swell season shows coming up! march is going to be very long.. plus, right after i get back from vancouver, my parents and i are going to go to memphis. i've always wanted to go to graceland.


if you don't like the swell season, sorry. i do. so i'm going to post another video. there are a lot of good videos of them (and of the frames!!) on youtube. anyway, this is them at ameoba records in san francisco last summer. it's a cover of a pixies song. i love it when they do this:

Monday, February 25, 2008

i love this picture

is it april yet??

sometimes i need a revelation

it is completely unlike me to decide anything spur of the moment like this... i usually think and think about decisions, to the point of utter madness. but today, after a crappy morning at work, i decided that i wanted to see the swell season in san francisco (well, they're playing in oakland, but i can pretend it's san francisco..) so that's what i'm going to do! yay, i'm excited! this will be the first time i've traveled to see a band that is not pearl jam. wow, i think i'm more excited about seeing them than i am about seeing eddie vedder.

there's a scene at the end of almost famous when william (the boy) asks russell (the singer) what he loves about music. russell says, "to begin with, everything." i've always loved that line. it doesn't really explain anything, but it explains everything at the same time.

currently, i am reading a travel guide to ireland. i was at the library sunday afternoon, and i just decided that i could do some vicarious traveling. there are so many places that i want to visit.. it's fun to dream. someday, maybe. sometimes i just feel like i am just kind of sleepwalking through my life, not really living it the way i should, if that makes sense. i don't know, i just want to do things that are unexpected. does anyone else ever feel that way?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

are you sleeping? still dreaming? still drifting off alone.

glen and marketa just won the oscar for best song.

marketa's acceptance speech was...just... beautiful:
Hi everyone. I just want to thank you so much. This is such a big deal, not only for us, but for all other independent musicians and artists that spend most of their time struggling, and this, the fact that we're standing here tonight, the fact that we're able to hold this, it's just to prove no matter how far out your dreams are, it's possible. And, you know, fair play to those who dare to dream and don't give up. And this song was written from a perspective of hope, and hope at the end of the day connects us all, no matter how different we are. And so thank you so much, to those who helped us along the way. Thank you.

here's their performance:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

This might take a while to figure out now
So don't you rush it
And hold your head up high
Right through the doubt now
Cause its just a matter of time
You've been running so fast
It's the seven day mile
Has you torn in between here and running away...

i think that it's really interesting to find out what websites other people go to. so, in the interest of that, here are a couple that i have been enjoying lately.
first, here is a link to glen hansard performing on 'other voices,'which is an irish music show. anyway, it's quite good, i think, and if you watch it, be sure to watch until the very end. glen hansard is one of the few singers who can make me cry.

i came across this woman's blog a while ago, and i'm not quite sure how. her name is carla, and she lives in seattle and rides the bus everywhere. what a boring thing to write about, huh, but she makes it interesting. plus, i admire her. public transportation IS cool.

last, but not least, is . you may already know about the station and the website, but do you know that they have all their in studio performances archived online? i can easily spend hours there exploring. (one of my favorites is - surprise surprise - the frames from 2005).

Friday, February 22, 2008

i hate pearl jam x2

i just need to say that i am very mad with eddie vedder for announcing a second vancouver show this morning and letting it sell out before i could get tickets.

...not really. it's just been a long day and i am annoyed that i have to go to work tomorrow.

what happens when the heart just stops?

here's today's video courtesy of megan's obsession with the frames. this is from a swell season show in montreal a few months ago, but this is a frames song. be warned: the first, oh, 2 or 3 minutes are filled with glen telling a story - but it is a very charming, funny story about a dog.

work sucked today. grrrr.... i want another job, asap.

i watched last night's episode of lost online. if you haven't watched it yet, don't read this. actually, i don't really have much to say about it - it was alright, but definately not one of the best. i was totally expecting at the end for kate to walk up to her "baby's" room and be greeted by ben. that would have been awesome. oh well. i think that her baby is claire's son. she must die on the island. speaking of claire, it really annoyed me that she seemed to get over charlie's death so quickly. i mean, if my boyfriend were as cool as charlie, i think i would mourn his death a bit more. and sawyer totally sucks. what a moron. thinking about it, that episode did really nothing to further the story line along. how rude.

ok, hopefully this will work. this is the picture i wanted to show you, kristine.

New Bohemians
Two years ago, when, Once was filmed on the Dublin streets, sans permits, the stars and songwriters — Irish troubadour Glen Hansard and Czech prodigy Markéta Irglová — were as far from the public eye as the lovelorn musicians they depicted. Now the $160,000 "musical for people who hate musicals" has grossed $14 million, and the pair that remained tantalizingly distant on screen have found love off of it. "We were basically forced into a really intimate space, and pretty early on, we just started kissing," Glen says. Though their ages — he's 37, she's 19 — could have been a hindrance, Markéta doesn't want it any other way. "I wouldn't do this alone," she says, referring to their shared experience in the limelight. "It's just great to be understood by at least one person in the whole universe." Now, with mixed feelings about "selling out," they're eager to record another album together and get back to Glen's band, the Frames. (Film plans run a distant second to music.) But first, some R & R at their Dublin flat, in the form of housework or a few pints, to build up creative "ferment," as Glen says. "Music is medicine," he adds. "You take it when you're hurtin'."
On Hansard: Bottega Veneta suit, $3,320, vest, $980, shirt, $710, tie and pocket square; On Irgová: Miu Miu dress. Calvin Klein shoes.

for kristine

haha. i don't know what to say...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

i am waiting for something to go wrong...

death cab for cutie's tour dates are very interesting. april could be a wonderful month. (add seattle!!)

Date City, ST Venue

Death Cab For Cutie

Fri 04/18/08 Bremerton, WA Admiral Theatre

Sat 04/19/08 Eugene, OR McDonald Theatre

Mon 04/21/08 Arcata, CA John Van Duzer Theatre

Tue 04/22/08 Davis, CA UC Davis Freeborn Hall

Wed 04/23/08 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore

Thu 04/24/08 Las Vegas, NV The Joint

appearing at "Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival"

Sat 04/26/08 Indio, CA Empire Polo Field

appearing at "Bonnaroo Music Festival"

Sun 06/15/08 Manchester, TN Bonnaroo Music Festival

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

you have suffered enough, and warred with yourself, it's time that you won

... the swell season are going to tour in april! i am so excited... seeing them in november was one of the best musical experiences of my life - probably ranking up there with the first time i saw pearl jam. their songs are so beautiful that they can make you cry, not out of sadness, but out of joy.

and glen's main band, the frames, are AMAZING. i first heard them in 2004,and have been a casual fan (i.e. listening to the songs on the radio, owning a few of their albums) for a few years, but about a year ago, i become obsessed. i mean, crazy. not since i was 12 and found pearl jam, have i been so nuts over a band. i bought all their albums, and spent an embarassing amount of my free time finding interviews, unreleased music and videos online. i wish i had found out about their music years ago - i highly recommend them. since november, the frames and the swell season have barely left my cd player. i am hoping that when the line up for sasquatch is announced next week, either the frames or swell season (mm.. maybe both?) are on it.


that was such a good episode. the best ever of that show, i think.

chavez is up to something. at the end, when hawkins told him that there was one file the password wouldn't open, chavez didn't seem surprised. he's up to no good. i thnk maybe he was working with sarah - i'm beginning to thnk hawkins may have been the only member of his team who wasn't corrupt.

i love that jake and hawkins teamed up! that's what i was missing on the last episode. i also want to see gray anderson (the mayor) make some kind of a scene with the "president." that would be great.

the new history book was wayyy creepy. and the new flag was creepier. and the "constitutional convention?" a government that was not elected... haha. this show is brilliant.

and i LOVE stanley and mimi. that woman who plays mimi is an awesome actress. my favorite scene last season was when she was talking to the chicken before killing it. but i loved how last night stanley searched for her family. so sweet. i would much rather see them than emily and jack. blech.

i missed the preview for next week. what's going to happen? i think the main army guy (what's his name - the one that made jake the sherriff) will end up teaming up with jake and hawkins. he didn't look too happy when the other man came.

Monday, February 18, 2008

things i love about seattle, part one

cause sometimes i need to remind myself why i moved 3000 miles from my family.

there's nothing better than walking around greenlake on the first warm, sunny day of the year (although i also love it on cloudy, grey days). even when it gets crowded, something about walking around, listening to music (for me, live pearl jam or, more often recently, the frames) without a care in the world is heaven. plus, there are so many awesome parks in seattle - discovery park is great too. the view there is unbeatable, i think. gasworks has an awesome view of downtown too.
all the movie theatres
the town that i am from has 1 cinema, with about 3 screens (i'm sure there are more screens now, but that was how many there were when i was a kid). there are so many great theatres here that have loads of character - the egyptian, the harvard exit, the guild 45th, the seven gables...
pike place market
i love just walking around the market with no agenda, no time constraints. definately a great way to spend a day.
of course, i can't lie, this is a big part of why i wanted to move here. growing up, i was always in awe of people who lived in big cities because i could imagine them going to concerts and plays and out to dinner... i remember when i first moved to washington (i lived in tacoma before i moved to seattle.. blech) being amazed the first time i went to a concert (patti smith and sleater kinney in 2001) and came home and slept in my own bed. that was the coolest thing to me. i didn't have to stay in a hotel, because i actually lived close enough that going to concerts could become a regular thing for me..

pearl jam sucks

haha. just kidding. but trying to buy tickets on pearl jam's site sucks.. that was a very annoying hour! i got 2 tickets to vancouver, however, thank goodness. yay!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

i will follow you into the dark

new death cab album in may! here is the tracklisting from yay! here's to a summer with tours by pearl jam, the frames, swell season, death cab AND rem/modest mouse (yes, they are touring together - please add a seattle date!). that would make me VERY happy! oh - and radiohead!!!

01 Bixby Canyon Bridge
02 I Will Possess Your Heart
03 No Sunlight
04 Cath
05 Talking Bird
06 You Can Do Better Than Me (But I Can't Do Better Than You)
07 Grapevine Fires
08 Your New Twin Size Bed
09 The Remainder
10 Pity and Fear
11 The Ice Is Getting Thinner

Saturday, February 16, 2008

late on my rent, my money's been spent

3 day weekends rock my world...

i had a wonderful seattle day today. although the weatherman said it was supposed to be sunny and warm, and it wasn't. ah, king 5 television, you failed me again.

i had new england clam chowder for lunch at pike place chowder. ok, i am from new england, and they have the absolute best clam chowder i have ever had. i love that place. and their crab rolls are almost as good as maine lobster rolls. almost. after lunch i went to sonic boom records, because i read that they are closing their fremont store (the other stores in capitol hill adn ballard are staying open) and having a big sale this weekend. all their used cd's were half off - i bought seven cd's for 25 dollars. hard to beat that. including 2 early REM cd's that i used to have but lost somewhere - murmur and life's rich pageant - which has 2 of my favorite songs, begin the begin and fall on me. score! while i was shopping, they were playing stone temple pilot's first cd. made me feel like i was 12 again. i have to admit that i almost bought an m.c. hammer cd - i loved that man. dude, you can't touch me!

tomorrow's agenda: haircut and possibly going to see the drive by truckers at the showbox. i haven't decided on that. into the wild is playing at the cheap movie theatre - maybe i'll go see it again.

i just realized i haven't posted about the election yet. if you don't care about politics, feel free to skip this - i went to the democratic caucus last week, and i voted for obama, but i kind of regret that. i like him and all, but he just seems to be very vague on his positions, which worries me. i keep reading about people saying that the nominees are so exciting, and the paper this morning even said that there were over 200,000 people at the washington democratic caucauses last week! which is great, of course - but i think that 2004 was much more interesting. at least then i felt good about voting for howard dean in the primary. i mean, he had some real stances on things that i could get behind - although maybe part of my love for him is that he was from vermont, and i spent a large part of my life in that state. i have to say that i wish al gore were running - as far as i am concerned, the environment is, by and far, the most important issue. period. and neither obama nor clinton have addressed that issue. (side note - al gore is really smart and a great speaker, no matter waht people say about him. seeing him speak at town hall on his book tour in may was one of the highlights of last year).
also - i saw my nasty neighbors vote for obama; that should have given me second thought.

Friday, February 15, 2008

and if hope can grow from dirt like me, it can be done

from my email:
Eddie Vedder will embark on a small, west coast, solo tour beginning April 2nd in Vancouver, BC and ending April 15th in San Diego, CA

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope i can get tickets to the vancouver show. (strangely enough, there is no seattle date) the presale starts monday. please, please, please let me get tickets.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


wow, that was an awesome episode. not least because it focused on sayid.. man, he should have his own show, just all about him. i'd watch sayid reading the phone book.
i was so proud of myself.. i'm never good at figuring out "mysteries" in shows or movies (even when they're completely obvious to other people), but i knew from the second sayid called his "boss" that he was working for ben. that rocks! i think that sayid has been working for ben all along. the way he looked at naomi in the beginning of the episode was just weird.. like he knew her somehow. and the way he took the bracelet she was wearing..i think that was a signal to him that she worked for the same person he works for. now i think that sayid is ben's person on the boat. either he's been giving him information all along, OR sayid is going to be on the freighter in the future, but ben is able to see the future and that's how he knows all the stuff he told charlotte in the first episode about herself. does that make sense?
argh.. it's so confusing. the thing that really stood out to me more than anything else was when sayid was telling elsa (i think that was her name.. the german woman) that he had to kill her boss because he was on a list. that was when i knew that sayid was working for ben, cause it totally reminded me of ben making lists of people from the plane to bring back to the other island.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i'm such a dork. i really am. or, i can call this, "the youtube rocks!" post. in my quest to make everyone like the same awesome music i do (haha.. no really!), here are some videos i am currently obsessed with. first up, one of my favorite frames songs, "red chord."

next up, john butler trio. this song is called "ocean." i love his facial expressions. heh

finally, here's pearl jam from mtv unplugged in 92... if you've seen the movie "singles," you might recognize this song... this show is what made me love this band. i had it on video tape and watched it over and over for about six months.

jericho premieres tonight!

Friday, February 8, 2008


i watched last night's episode, and i'm pretty convinced that there must be some sort of weird time travel thing going on.. well, first, i think that the airplane at the bottom of the ocean bit was planted by oceanic/dharma. i also think that the four people were sent by the dharma initiative people to find ben on the island. and then at the end, when ben says that he has someone working on the boat, that must be micheal - that was the deal micheal had to make to get off the island. or he was working with them all along, similarly to ethan, except he wasnt caught for some reason.
the time travel stuff. i can't put it all together yet, but these are the things that stood out to me: when charlotte (the anthropologist) found the polar bear bones, i think it was the same bear that the lost guys saw in season one. how it decayed so fast, and how it got all the way to tunisia, i have no idea yet. in the season premiere, jack makes several references to his father in the flash-forwards, even though his father was supposed to have died before the flight even took off. so maybe the island allows people to go back in time and perhaps sometimes even change the course of events for the future - like how locke kills his father (well gets sawyer to kill him) before he can paralyze him. and maybe kate also changes her future somehow- which explains why she was not in jail when she and jack talked in the season finale. and rose is cured of her cancer on the island, because she goes back in time to when she was healthy. but there are also a lot of things that don't fit with this theory, so i'm sure it's not completely right.
one more thing - is it just me, or did that woman who was with charlotte in tunisia look like sayid's girlfriend? i'm probably wrong, but she looked familiar to me..
so, kristine, since i'm pretty sure you're the only one who reads this who has any idea what i'm talking about, what do you think?;)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i want my life to make more sense to me....

sometimes i feel like i don't know what i'm doing..

i looked at the ticket prices for that festival and you have to buy a 4 day pass - it's like 250 dollars. so i think i've calmed down about going. i just haven't seen pearl jam in so long and i get a little excited whenever i think about seeing them. and the swell season - although i can say without a doubt that they are the best non-pearl jam concert i've ever seen (pearl jam live is just on a whole other plane to me), i have faith that they will play somewhere closer to seattle. (please, god!) and so better pearl jam! they haven't played in seattle since the 2005 show at the paramount, i think.

so here is a list of my top 5 favorite concerts. well, the ones that popped into my mind at this moment. that's probably obvious because they're all fairly recent.. and i had to make the rule that i could only put one pearl jam show, otherwise that'd be all that was there.
1) pearl jam, the gorge 2006
2) swell season, the moore theatre 2007
3) u2, key arena, 2005
4) death cab for cutie, the paramount, 2006 (i think that was the year..)
5) a 3-way tie: bruce springsteen & the e-street band/the john butler trio/the frames

oh man, i suck at making lists. anyway...
now my two favorite tv shows are on tonight - wife swap and project runway!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

pearl jam!!!!

Pearl Jam has officially confirmed they will perform at the 2008 Bonnaroo Music Festival. The 4-day music festival will be held on June 12-15th in Manchester, Tennessee. Tickets go on sale February 16th at 12:00pm EDT, through

this is what i've been excited about! although, it's not the frames who are playing, it's the swell season. i really think i might go. seeing my two favorite singers might make my head explode. plus, death cab is playing! and my morning jacket! you only live once, right??

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008

scratch that. THIS makes my week.

pearl jam and the frames might both be playing at the same festival this spring! oh my god, i think i would die if that were true.. both of my favorite bands. i'm crazy, i've already been checking plane fares and hotels. if they both are playing, i will definately go. who's going with me??:)

Friday, February 1, 2008

this makes my week.

i just read that pearl jam is planning to play some shows. possibly. but just hearing that makes me very very happy! they better play in seattle. at the showbox. for a special guest named megan hamilton.