Thursday, January 31, 2008

if you know me, you know that i am obsessed with anything and everything to do with glen hansard and the frames - so i have to admit that i was doing a little teenage happy dance when i found out that "falling slowly" was nominated for an oscar. not because i care about awards or anything, but because the possiblity of seeing glen and marketa all dressed up and playing thier song on tv is really exciting.
this is from an interview with him:

Hansard, who is nominated for the Oscar along with his co-star Markéta Irglová, said: "I just couldn't believe it. I didn't sleep last night. It's a mad, mad concept, our little film that went and did this. It's insane.

People had been talking about this thing (Oscar nomination), and about the possibility of it happening but I guess, to be honest, I just pushed it away because I thought 'I'm not going to get excited about this'. Maybe it's a typically Irish reaction; I just didn't want to get let down. But I guess secretly I really, really hoped for it."

The Frames frontman noted that the idea of a nod from the Oscar academy seemed totally ridiculous at the time of filming.

"There was a funny moment when we were shooting the scene for 'Falling Slowly' in the piano room", he said, "and John (Carney) said, joking, 'And the Oscar for Best Song goes to.' and we all started laughing because of the ridiculousness of the budget we were working on and the way we were shooting this film. We just laughed. And I rang him today and I said 'man I remembered last night what you said and I can't believe it, and none of us even dared go there in our heads but my God!"

sigh. i love him.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ugh, my cold will not go away. now i have something weird going on with my ear. i'm going to the doctor - again - this morning. it is better first thing in the morning though, but yesterday i was practically crying at work because it hurt so much. i think part of the problem is that my mind always goes to the worst possible thing - i have cancer, i'm going deaf, i'm never going to feel better.. i know that's stupid.

that u2 movie on saturday was really good. there were a couple parts when i had to move my knee because it looked like bono was going to reach out and touch it. i want to see u2 again!

i went to easy street on saturday afternoon, but only bought two cd's: a live ep by john butler, because it has a 15 minute version of "ocean," an awesome song. usually i'm not for long songs, but everytime i've seen him play that one, it's completely mesmerizing. he's an awesome guitar player. i also bought one by songs:ohia, which i have not listened to yet. i know nothing about them.. i just bought it because, in an interview, glen hansard talks about being friends with them. a lot of my favorite bands i've found because another band has talked about them. like death cab for cutie - they opened the vote for change (was that 03?) tour for pearl jam. kings of leon opened a tour for them too. so did sleater kinney, although i liked them before.

Friday, January 25, 2008

seven day mile

i am currently obsessed with the frames album dance the devil. all the songs on it are amazing, and i really love seven day mile.

i adore glen hansard. hey kristine, the comments on the youtube page after this video say that the song is in the movie "on the edge." i haven't quite finished it yet (i suck) but now i have an incentive... :)