Saturday, May 9, 2009

a few random things

sometimes, i wish i had a time machine. i want to travel either backwards or forwards in time at my own discretion. for example, i want to fast forward to next friday when i will be at safeco field watching the red sox and then will be getting ready to spend the weekend in vancouver. after that, i want to go to june 20th, when i will be in memphis seeing ed vedder. and, hey, while we're playing, can i also go to an unspecified point in the future when i will be seeing pearl jam from the front row at the gorge and glen hansard will come out to sing indifference with ed? basically, i just want to skip the suckiness of my life right now, and get to the parts that will make me happy.

some things that ARE making me happy...

minus the bear is recording a new album! this makes me smile. i can't wait to see them again. hurry and play a show, please.

goodness (plus kim virant, et. al) will be playing at the tractor on may 23rd. yay!

and last but certainly not least, rob pattinson. or, specifically, the movie how to be. i've seen the movie two times now, and i think i can unequivocally state that he is the best part of it (i know.. it's shocking that i think that!) it's a quirky, funny film about a guy who's not really good at anything he does, but wishes desperately that he was. boy, do i relate to that.

How To Be Trailer (film festival version) from How To Be on Vimeo.


Kristine Rosenborg said...

I have a few things to say-
I can not wait for VANCOUVER!
And How To Be was the best movie ever.
How can Rob be so wonderful? Is he really 'human'?
You are good at things-Such as-
Writing about music and being soo fabulously cool and educating me on music. You rock!
Canada here we come!

megan said...
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megan said...

let's try again.. i can't wait for vancouver either!!! i just have to get thru this week. i can do it, i can do it. hehe.