Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ugh, my cold will not go away. now i have something weird going on with my ear. i'm going to the doctor - again - this morning. it is better first thing in the morning though, but yesterday i was practically crying at work because it hurt so much. i think part of the problem is that my mind always goes to the worst possible thing - i have cancer, i'm going deaf, i'm never going to feel better.. i know that's stupid.

that u2 movie on saturday was really good. there were a couple parts when i had to move my knee because it looked like bono was going to reach out and touch it. i want to see u2 again!

i went to easy street on saturday afternoon, but only bought two cd's: a live ep by john butler, because it has a 15 minute version of "ocean," an awesome song. usually i'm not for long songs, but everytime i've seen him play that one, it's completely mesmerizing. he's an awesome guitar player. i also bought one by songs:ohia, which i have not listened to yet. i know nothing about them.. i just bought it because, in an interview, glen hansard talks about being friends with them. a lot of my favorite bands i've found because another band has talked about them. like death cab for cutie - they opened the vote for change (was that 03?) tour for pearl jam. kings of leon opened a tour for them too. so did sleater kinney, although i liked them before.

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