Tuesday, April 1, 2008


i am so addicted to posting on this thing that it's insane. thanks, kristine, for giving me a new way to waste my time ;)

i woke up this morning to a familiar voice on my clock radio. wait a minute.. could this be ben gibbard? sure enough, it was, because soon he started singing i will possess your heart, which i remembered as one of the song titles on their new cd (out in the beginning of may, i forget the exact date). i always thought that was a creepy sounding title. what if i don't want you to possess my heart? upon first (and only) listening, i was none too impressed with this song - but i guess singles are usually the weakest songs on an album.

speaking of death cab, there is a very funny video on youtube (i am too lazy to copy and paste the link right now) of ben gibbard talking about his jazz band. complete with footage of him playing the xylophone. my brain must be fried from spending too much time around screaming 4 year olds, but i thought he was serious until he started talking about how the drummmer from death cab auditioned for this jazz band 7 times but isn't good enough to get in.

i am reading (well, re-reading) a novel called the true story of hansel and gretel. the author takes the children's fairytale (which is really quite morbid and frightening if you think about it) and re-tells it by setting it in poland during world war II. the story is about a sister and brother who are abandoned (well, that's not the right word - they didn't see another choice) by their father and stepmother in the woods. eventually, the children, who call themselves hansel and gretel, find an old woman (a "witch") who takes them in and feeds them. basically, it's just a really good story about survival, love and hope. and the hatred embodied by the german soldiers. my favorite part about the novel is the way the author describes the setting. it's not often that i read a story where the setting is so clear that i can close my eyes and see it in my mind.


Kristine said...

I have always been interested in that book. Guess it is time for me to pick it up...

megan said...

it's a very good book (i read it in one weekend, when my mom and i were on vacation in orcas island) but it is really, really sad.