Saturday, April 19, 2008

there'd be no distance that could hold us back...

THIS is where i wish i had been last night. death cab for cutie started their tour at a theatre in bremerton. i tried to get tickets, but couldn't - what is it with my favorite bands not playing in seattle (or only playing "surprise" shows)?? (i'm sorry, but the gorge is not seattle. neither is vancouver. i'm talking to you, rem and pearl jam).

wow, ben gibbard is a little nutty with his movements, huh? (boy, that's a weird sentence)

if i could walk, i would have gone to easy street today to celebrate national record store day. they were having twenty percent off everything today. sonic boom was also having a sidewalk sale, plus a bunch of instore performances.

foot update!!! my foot is better today, but still not 100% (probably around 70%). i stayed home and rested today, and am planning to do the same tonight, in hopes that i'll be able to walk normally when i go to san francisco next weekend.

i spent the afternoon looking up bus/train schedules and printing out maps for the places i want to go. i'm usually bad at planning for trips, so we'll see how much of it i actually get done. i can't wait until friday!

oh, and my pearl jam tickets for boston came last week! we're really going, kristine!! yay!

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Kristine said...

Ben is totally nutty! He was doing that at the Gorge too! YEAH FOR BOSTON! I got my tickets, you got yours! Oh my fucking GOD!