Tuesday, June 17, 2008

mine is not a celestial state

in which megan posts a new favorite pearl jam song each day in anticipation of seeing them in concert at the end of the month. today, here is angel from 1992.

i think that if i could take the minute or so from 1:30 to the end and bottle it, i would be happy forever. ed's little pause before the first "i'm by your side" just kills me.

this song was never on an album, it was a song on pearl jam's fanclub christmas single in 93 (i think? it's the first one i have) every year they send a single to ten club members but it's always a record. when i was a kid, every time my parents went out i used to sneak down to the basement and listen to my fanclub singles on their record player. i particularly loved sonic reducer and history never repeats from the 95 single, although those are a post for another day.

in further proof that i need to cut up my credit cards, although i do not own a record player, i do own three pearl jam albums on vinyl, and they are currently decorating my walls. along with my posters from LA 2006 and philadephia 2000. i also own more concert t shirts than i care to admit, and i never even wear most of them.

ok, i lie. now i am watching old videos from bridge school benefit shows, and i came across sometimes from 96. i think this must have been during eddie's hair gel phase:

this is the first song on no code, my favorite PJ album. i love the lyrics: seek my part/devote myself/my small self/like a book amongst the many on the shelf... sometimes i speak of nothing at all/sometimes i reach to myself, dear god. i could write an essay about what pearl jam's lyrics mean to me, but it would be too personal and, i'm sure, too long.

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