Wednesday, June 11, 2008

what's your part? who you are

pearl jam's tour started tonight in west palm beach, florida. one of the most exciting parts of their tours (besides eagerly awaiting my turn to see them :) is reading setlists and guessing what they will play/ wishing i could have been there to hear a song that i love/ being excited when they start playing songs they haven't played in awhile, and hoping that they will do more of that. apparently tonight, they played who you are, which really makes me happy because.. well, watch this video from 1996:

who you are is from 1996's no code, an album that, everytime i listen to it, reminds me of sitting on the floor of my bedroom in bangor, singing along (but hopefully not so loudly that my parents could hear.. although i probably didn't succeed at that). there is just something about this song.. even though the lyrics are kind of random ("that's the moss in the aforementioned verse"?), when i hear ed sing "what's your part?/who you are/you are who/who you are," it kind of makes my heart swell (especially the way he sings it in this video). there is a part of me that will always be the 16 year old i was when i first heard this song, who has no idea what she is doing or where she is going, and to me, this song is kind of saying that it's okay to feel that way, but the things you do do matter. everyone has a part in this world. i also think that this song is about making the most of your life - something that makes much more sense to me the older i get (and the crazier the world becomes). "take me for a ride before we leave..."

or.. maybe i read wayyyy too much into ed's lyrics. i'd really like to hear how this song sounded tonight.

i can't wait until boston now! as if i weren't excited enough...

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