Thursday, June 19, 2008

step out on your porch

there's much more than this.

breath, from 1991:

nice hat, jeff.

now for something completely different.. long road:

i love the lyrics to this song. i might be wrong, but i don't think i've ever seen this song live. i just realized that both of my songs today are from movies; breath is from singles and long road is from dead man walking (which is a great soundtrack all around).

a little more than a week and i will be in boston! i am so excited but getting ready for a trip is really stressful. i have a to-do list about 2 pages long. i also have to spend time this weekend figuring out train schedules. i don't like to be unprepared. i only spent two days in san francisco in april, but i took about 10 pages of bus and subway schedules with me. yes, i'm a dork.

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