Monday, July 7, 2008

i'll be in my own dance

i had an AMAZING time in boston. it's good to be home, and sad to be home at the same time. i'm happy to be back in my routine of daily life (i went grocery shopping this afternoon; although tomorrow when i go back to work, i may be singing a different tune). pearl jam was, of course, incredible (and that's an understatement). i have purposefully not read any reviews of their shows, because i don't want them to cloud my own memories. one thing that i learned is that i will never be a rock photographer - by and large, my pictures of the concert turned out horribly, but that's okay, it was still fun taking them. honestly, i was so happy with my seat (until a few weeks ago, i thought i would be sitting in the very last row of the last section) that i had to force myself to put away my camera so that i could enjoy the show.

i think there are very few things in the world that can make me feel the way a pearl jam concert makes me feel; i don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. does that make sense? i am completely in the moment, singing along with the crowd, not caring what other people think of me because they are all doing the same thing.

i took some paper and a pen with me to write down notes during the show, but my plans for doing that never seem to work out. i didn't go to saturday's show, but i used the hotel's business center to check the setlist sunday morning, and a little bit of me died when i saw that they opened with hard to imagine. why couldn't they have saved that for one more day? but, i swear, as soon as i heard the opening notes of wash last monday, i was in another world. and for some reason, songs that i've listened to a hundred times seemed to take one new lives - the lyrics for education, for example, seemed to hit home in an unexpected way. and when jeff and ed played bee girl, i think i might have even started to cry. i'm not sure why - it's not a great song, or anything - but there was just something about that song at that moment that seemed right.

i'll write a more complete review tomorrow when i'm - hopefully - more awake than i am right now. now, here are some of my admittedly not-so-good pictures. i took the most pictures during the pearl jam show and our tour of fenway park. i think that i may have an obsessive personality - if it's not a band, a movie, or an actor, it's a baseball team. perhaps there are worse things to be in the world than a fan.

our restarant in cambridge. i liked the name; can you tell why?

rockin in the free world
the rest of my pictures are here.

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