Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the room, the sun and the sky

in the mornings, i can generally be found on the bus listening to headphones (on my pseudo-ipod). usually - lately - it is one of two things: live pearl jam (for most of july, 6/30/08 has been on repeat) or setlist, the live frames album. clearly, i am a creature of habit. however, for the last few mornings, i have stepped outside of my comfort zone to listen to carnavas, by the silversun pickups (oddly enough, the song titles never made it onto my music player - translation: i was too lazy to type them in - so, although i have had the album for a few years, i know the songs by the titles "track one," "track two" etc..) i first heard this band at the capitol hill block party (1 year ago? 2 years ago?) i've read opinions that they sound like the smashing pumpkins, but i honestly don't hear that (and i used to love the pumpkins - when i first started using the internet, i picked starla, a pumpkins song, as my america online screen name and i have used some form of that ever since). maybe i just don't mind - every band is derivative of another.

if i may, i will put music into three categories: that which i listen to daily; that which i listen to sporadically, but when i do, i remember why i started listening to it in the first place; and that which i wish i could forget i ever listened to. bands like bon jovi or mr. big fall into the latter category for sure. pearl jam and the frames are in the first. u2, rem, nirvana, and a bunch of others, including the silversun pickups, are in the second.

speaking of musical categorization, perhaps i should give the fleet foxes a second chance. carrie brownstein likes them. (if you have not read her blog, please do. it is one of my first stops every day. i love her writing, and i especially love reading the comments her entries inspire).

i especially love her for writing this: Instead of following my usual trajectory for show-going -- the one wherein I plan on going all week, but then bail at the last second due to tiredness, old age or an excuse to hang out with my pets... hello!! seeing a rock star admit that makes me feel a little less pathetic for once in a while skipping a show for that very reason. and i'm only 28. what will i be like in ten years?

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