Tuesday, July 8, 2008

unwrap your gifts, take your time

a search of the seattle public library's catalog for "nick hornby" turned up a book he edited in a series about music writing. since i love nick hornby (read high fidelity and how to be good before you do anything else), i borrowed this. i started reading it today during my lunch break, and got through a hilarious interview between jim derogatis and the lead singer of third eye blind (i know absolutely nothing about thier music but stephen jenkins comes off as such an arrogant jerk that i'm glad i don't listen to them) and am partly done reading a review of lucinda williams that makes me want to find and listen to the 2 cd's of hers that i own. (which will probably never happen since my cd's/records/dvd's are such a mess)

i am way too tired to write about pearl jam tonight, but i did find a video on youtube of ed and jeff doing bee girl in mansfield. this song makes me think of the girl in the blind melon video for no rain who dresses up like a bee and ends up looking really sad and lonely. maybe someone knows better than me, but i seem to remember that video is what this song is about. (at the beginning of the song, ed says, "this is for jack." jack irons?)

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