Thursday, October 16, 2008

things that make me happy...

i just bought a ticket to see this nov. 1 at the showbox:

Country music's newest young star's rise to fame has captivated America. Born in Los Angles, California and raised in San Antonio, Texas the young singer/songwriter Vince Mira, was discovered by entertainment producer Chris Snell (owner of Seattle night club, Can Can) while playing for tips in Seattle's Pike Place Market. He is now on his way to becoming a household name. His first album was produced by John Carter Cash (Johnny Cash and June Carter's only son) and recorded at the Cash Cabin (built by Johnny Cash) in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to the completion of recording "Cash Cabin Sessions" the Vince Mira buzz began to spread followed by a media frenzy. First featured on KOMO News in Seattle, Washington, Good Morning America picked up the story immediately... 2 weeks later Vince captured the nation with a breathtaking live performance in front of over 5 million viewers. Subsequently, the Ellen DeGeneres Show aired his Good Morning America clip where Ellen personally invited Vince to the Ellen Show during their national broadcast the same day... two weeks later Vince received a standing ovation on the show while performing in front of millions of viewers during yet another outstanding live performance. Mr. Mira's other television appearances include Northwest Afternoon and Univision; as well as features in print media outlets such as Seattle Sound Magazine, Seattle Times, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Weekly, and many others. He recently recorded with Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam for Stone's upcoming "Hank Williams Tribute" CD. Mr. Mira's "Cash Cabin Sessions" CD release was February 26, 2008 at the Tripledoor Theatre where he performed two shows to sold out audiences with his band The Roy Kay Trio.

this kid is awesome. i first saw him last summer at the pike place market 100th birthday celebration, and then at bumbershoot this summer. plus, how can i resist the pearl jam connection? (no matter how tenuous)

this song by iron and wine. i don't own any albums by him, but he opened for the swell season in LA and this song was his first. it is one of those songs that you don't want to have end.

the trailer for twilight. i cannot believe that the first movie i'm considering going to at midnight on opening night is based on a book written for teenagers.

the fact that tomorrow is friday!!

things that make me sad...

the fact that i missed this. (now tickets are long gone of course) how i can miss an email from the showbox that screams "pearl jam guitarist!!" is beyond me. i did, though. the email is in my trash folder, although i don't remember ever seeing it..

Showbox presents
Get Out The Vote Rally & Concert
Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman
with Mike McCready and Shadow '86, Stone Gossard's Hank Williams Khoir, and Boots Riley (of The Coup)

i have a dentist appointment on saturday. boo!
i'm going to cry now...

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