Sunday, October 26, 2008


i'm sorry, i am completely obsessed with these books. i have crossed over to the dark side, and last night i even had a dream about edward. and i can't believe i admitted that.

if you've never read these books (there are 4 in the series), they are basically about a vampire and a human who fall in love with each other. the books were written for "young adults" (i'm still one right?) and they are by no means great literature (you can easily read 500 pages in two days), but the heart of the books is the love story between edward and bella. and it's so great because it's unconditional; they'll do anything for each other. they sacrifice everything to be together, but somehow it is worth it. i don't think anything close to that exists in real life (or at least, not in my life), but it's fun to read about and let yourself be immersed in for hours at a time.

what woman, no matter her age, wouldn't want a boyfriend who opens doors for her, writes songs for her, sings her to sleep, and generally goes out of his way to protect her while asking for nothing in return (seriously, nothing). not to mention kills vampires who threaten her and flies into her bedroom window to watch her sleep.

anyway.. this video is hilarious. it's an interview with the actors who play edward and bella, and i guess that they are being asked about the kissing scenes (it's an mtv interview, after all), and the guy who plays edward says "there's always the elephant in the room of i want to kill her. all the time." haha. i do think there is a point when he gets past that feeling, robert.

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