Saturday, October 11, 2008

you've gotta hear this band, they'll change your life

a friend asked me to list my favorite albums for her. first, a disclaimer: the 'classics' are woefully absent from my CD collection. so instead of trying to pretend i'm something i'm not, i'm listing the albums that *i* love, not necessarily the ones that any rock fan should own - because i, most likely *do not* own those. make sense? they're in no particular order - except for the first 2. i also tried to pick only one album per band, although i broke that rule a few times.

1. a tie: no code by pearl jam and yield by pearl jam.
i cannot choose between these two. they both changed the way i listen to music.

2. dance the devil by the frames. also: for the birds

life's rich pageant (REM)

achtung baby (u2)

in utero (nirvana)

siamese dream (smashing pumpkins)

daydream nation (sonic youth)

tommy (the who)

RENT soundtrack

from the choirgirl hotel (tori amos)

new adventures in hi-fi (REM)

all hands on the bad one (sleater kinney)

august and everything after (counting crowes)

the photo album (death cab for cutie)

the color and the shape (foo fighters)

the swell season. only because i love glen hansard :)

those are the ones that come to mind first. i'm sure i'll keep adding to this list.


KD said...

YIELD!!!!!! That's my absolute favorite PJ album...along with whatever the latest one they have out. But Yield is my go to PJ. So glad I'm not alone in this. No Code is my #2!

megan said...

yay! there are just so many songs on that album that i love.. actually i don't think there's one that i don't like. even that "red dot" song is kind of endearing. i forgot to list binaural. that's one of my favorites too.