Saturday, March 8, 2008

girls rock!

... that's the name of the movie i went to see this afternoon at the seattle film festival's theatre (i had never been there before, it's in mccaw hall at seattle center. very nice space).
the film is a documentary of a summer camp for girls in oregon. for one week, girls aged 8-18 can attend this camp and play music. they form bands, write a song, and perform at the end of the week in front of other campers, friends and family. it's playing through march, and i would say it's definately worth checking out. and bonus points if you can spot the pearl jam poster hiding in the background during a couple of the scenes. plus, if you see it this weekend, you can enter to win a fender guitar.

so, when did you start getting into music? some of my earliest musical memories are listening to my parents' records. i would wait until they had gone out for the day, and sneak down to the basement (where the record player was) - my mom and dad's collection pretty much consisted of bob dylan, bruce springsteen, leonard cohen, van morrison, joni mitchell and fleetwood mac. not bad.

i started really falling in love with music in 1992. that was the year pearl jam sang "jeremy" on the mtv music awards. i wasn't even allowed to watch mtv, but i remember going into the living room, closing the door, and sitting right next to the tv with the volume down really low. the next year, pearl jam did "rockin in the free world" with neil young on the same awards, and i don't think my life has been the same since.

so, here's my video for today. i bought this band's cd today at easy street, even though i told myself that i won't buy anything this month. they're called bell x1 and they're from ireland. i think i'm a little bit obsessed with everything irish at the moment.:) a quick check of their website tells me that they are playing in seattle march 30 at the nectar lounge. i have no clue where that is. but i might try to figure it out.

my swell season ticket for oakland came today! that makes me ridiculously happy.

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