Sunday, March 23, 2008

i came across an old interview with pearl jam today, where eddie talks a little bit about the audience/performer interaction at a concert. in every good concert, there is at least one moment (usually more) when you look around at everyone else, and they're all singing along at the top of their lungs, and you realize that, in this moment at least, you are completely and utterly happy.

It feels like they've forgotten who they are in the crowd, you've forgotten who you are up on stage, and it's like this pure exchange of rock & roll. Sometimes as the lights come up and everyone can see each other... I've said it before, but I'm always just amazed that everyone is agreeing on something at the same time.

i can't believe this is the last week of march already. i am so excited about april! eddie vedder, the swell season, and.. the dalai lama? he's going to be in seattle in the middle of the month, and you have to request tickets online (they're free), which i did, and they sent me an email saying that they are trying to accomodate everyone's requests, and will let me know next week if i can get tickets or not.

i went to see a really awesome movie today called "in bruges." it was funny in a very dark kind of way. colin ferrell is in it, and i think that he has never been better. i had no idea he could be so funny. all in all, it was really good. i recommend it. after the movie, i went grocery shopping. why is it that everytime i go to trader joe's on a sunday, they seem to be playing weird music? today it was straight up by paula abdul and like a prayer by madonna. both of which i used to love. and i had no problems thinking of the lyrics to those songs, and they are now both stuck in my head. life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone...


Kristine said...

You saw 'In Bruges'? I am dying to see that movie! Glad to hear it was hilarious!!!

megan said...

i love colin ferrell now because of the great way he introduced glen and marketa at the oscars. he was really funny in the movie. he's one of those guys that can just move his eyebrows and make you laugh.