Monday, March 24, 2008

if it could be undone, what would it cost?

.. i love this song. i had forgotten how much i like the foo fighters, because their last couple of albums have done nothing for me, but their first two records are really great. this song is one of the first songs dave recorded, i believe. i think the story is that this was supposed to be a nirvana* song, but don't quote me on that. i first heard this on a radio show pearl jam did in 1995 called "self pollution radio." eddie vedder played some songs from a demo dave grohl recorded - i still have the tape of that show, as a matter of fact. i listened to this song over and over. i remember eddie saying something about listening to this song while he was driving, and just wanting to take the car off a cliff. take that however you want, but i think it means that it's a good song. this video has everything - long hair, cool guitar playing, crowdsurfing, and a long part in the middle you might want to skip.

*dave was the drummer in nirvana. pat smear, who plays the guitar in this video also briefly played guitar in nirvana.


Kristine said...

Again I must say it, or uhh, write it... MEGAN you should be a music critic. You are so fabulous and brilliant at writing about music! Why work at Bright Horizons when you could be touring the world, going to concerts and writing about it!

megan said...

gosh, i wish.