Saturday, March 29, 2008

i got your back, dear..

in 1996, seeing pearl jam was 23 dollars. in 2000, it was 25 dollars. in 2003, it was 35 dollars. in 2006, it was 50 dollars and in 2008, seeing eddie vedder solo is 75 dollars. that's quite an increase. they could be charging much more, however. GA tickets for bruce springsteen are 95 dollars (which is one reason why i'm not seeing him tonight at key arena. well, i lie, i hemmed and hawed until tickets were finally sold out. i even went by key arena today to see if there were any day-of-show tickets). i paid 90 dollars to see u2 for two nights in 2005. it was completely worth it. i would rather fill my life with experiences rather than things. but it just sucks that everything has to cost so much. even swell season tickets are about 25 dollars more expensive than they were in november (5 months ago! they just *had* to go an win an oscar)

this is awesome... i've had this song on my computer for awhile, but seeing a video of it is really great.

my favorite part is when glen smiles. i bet he's thinking of chocolate-covered nuts. (no one will get that except kristine :) it kills me that the video cuts off plateau.

what is up with weird music in stores? this afternoon, i was in bartell's downtown and heard float on by modest mouse, except it wasn't modest mouse, it was some crappy singer. and then i was in old navy and heard silversun pickups, except it was some strange mix of the song with a bizarre bass line added to it. quite unsettling, actually.

i went to see stoploss this afternoon. i'm not sure what i thought of it - the ending was very unsatisfying, however. the whole movie made me feel really uneasy, but that was the point of it.

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Kristine said...

"I would rather fill my life with experiences rather than things." I couldn't agree with you more!!!