Tuesday, May 6, 2008

bits n' bobs

i love the way this has turned into a blog about music. when i started this, i had no idea that's what would happen, but turns out, i really enjoy writing about my favorite music. now, to figure out how to make money by doing that...

courtesy of the frames messageboard here is a link to the website for colm's new cd. currently, you can listen to three songs (although i can't seem to get blue shoes to work...) i've listened to time will tell four times already; it's beautiful. i'm not sure when this will be available, but it looks like you will eventually be able to buy it online.

also, in pearl jam news, mike said in an interview that the band has songs for a new album, and hopes to release it this year (although whether that will actually happen, i'm not too sure). maybe they'll play some new songs on their east coast tour? the most exciting part is that they are teaming up with brendan o'brien again,who produced some of the best pearl jam albums (vitalogy, no code, yield...) i particularly like what o'brien said in an interview with billboard magazine: "they were great to me when we were making records together [before], and we still remained very good friends ... i still think they're a great band. eddie has one of the best, if not the best, voices out there. when he sings, people believe them."

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