Friday, May 30, 2008

i took the 405...

death cab for cutie is on soundopinions this week and i would say that it's definately worth a listen. i STILL don't have narrow stairs (i have a gift certificate for i should order it). that tells you how excited i am about their new songs, huh? although, they play - obviously - some of the new stuff on the show, and i have to say that i really like grapevine fires. however, i will possess your heart still creeps me out. i don't like the song, and the title reminds me of that weird guy in high school who used to leave me plastic roses in my locker.

the interview itself is worth a listen, too. i think that the funniest part is when the interviewer says something about how no band is great when it first starts and then ben says, "well some bands are. we were pretty good." the interviewer laughs but ben doesn't. ha! i think that he's probably right, if he means that they were better then than they are now.

on a totally unrelated note, this review of the swell season show at radio city music hall is, despite its faults (when did the frames become a "tasteful decaf coffeehouse band"? what does that even mean??), worth reading for this: the best frames songs share the same DNA that made once so magnetic: "what happens when the heart just stops" is one long, graceful crescendo, expertly threaded out a measure at a time, until glen's pounding on his beat-to-crap guitar and howling 'disappointment' over and over like it's the most optimistic word in the english language.


Betsy said...

I was at the Radio City Music Hall Show. I was so far up on the balcony Glen and Marketa looked like puppets. But oh, they sounded sweet. Speaking of "disappointment" I did find it hard to go from being in Glen's bedroom, sitting on the bed with him as he plays, which the movie "Once" allows you experience, to having to listen from soooo far away.

megan said...

yeah i understand what you mean. even though i'm happy for glen and marketa's success, there's a part of me that is sad i might never be able to see them (or the frames?? god, i hope that's not true) in a small club again.