Monday, May 12, 2008

seattle international film festival

it looks like there are some really interesting films this year. here's a few i bought tickets for already:

the five senses
This ingenious drama examines the ways in which seemingly unconnected lives run parallel to each other and even intersect. A little girl disappears in the park, forcing the tenants of a nearby apartment building into contact with one another. The story follows five of these neighbors, each of whom struggles with issues related to each of the five senses.
mainly because mary-louise parker, who i love, is in it. and it sounds sort of lost-esque, which is interesting.

Montagues and Capulets, meet Eyal and Rana. When an Israeli man and a Palestinian woman fall in love during the 2006 World Cup finals in Berlin, star-crossed complications ensue. Strangers offers an intelligent and complex treatment of the relationship between politics and personalities, and between realism and hope.
okay, this is because glen and marketa sing a song in this film. i admit it. but it sounds really good too.

Poland's master filmmaker Andrzej Wajda vividly and movingly dramatizes one of the last major World War II crimes to be acknowledged–the mass execution of Poland's military and intellectual elite. For 50 years, the story has been taboo after a cover-up in which the occupying Soviet forces tried to convince the world the Nazis were responsible.

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