Tuesday, May 27, 2008

hey look at me now

there's a girl in my class who has a really hilarious personality.. she's always saying funny, random things and otherwise acting silly. (she and i get along really well...) today, she came up to me and, completely out of the blue, said, "i'm gonna steal your fingerprints." i thought that was a really strange thing to say, so i asked her where she heard of such a thing. she thought for a second and said, "it was in a movie called 'the history of fingerprints.'" so i thought, hmmm; when her dad came, i told him about it - he laughed and said that he and his wife had been watching a movie (i think it was national treasure) and the lead character lifted another person's fingerprints off of a wine glass. the father said he didn't think his daughter was paying any attention to the movie, but obviously she was. just goes to show you that 4 and 5 year olds pick up on a lot more than we give them credit for.

when i'm feeling sad, a pearl jam song that can always be counted on to make me feel a little bit better is given to fly.

my favorite line is, floated back down cause he wanted to share the keys to the locks on the chains he saw everywhere. i guess i've always thought of that line as hopeful, as saying that everything will work out in the end if you just have faith. not necessarily faith in god, but faith in yourself. (i think that's a central theme of lots of pearl jam songs). the more i think about it, the more the song, to me, is about finding the strength inside of yourself to keep going no matter what other people may say or do to you. first he was stripped, then he was stabbed.. he still stands. this is a great song to sing along with, especially while you're in a car with the windows down.

this performance is from single video theory (which i still own on video - never bought the dvd of it - and is still my favorite pearl jam release that is not an album. i like it better than their other 2 dvd's). i'm trying to figure out what ed says before they play the song. i think he says, don't let it keep you down, i'll still give you love, just give it away. for some reason, i love that.

also, i'll admit something a bit embarrassing. in the video, eddie is wearing a rubber band around his wrist, which he often does (did? i haven't noticed if he still does or not). when i was in middle school and high school, i also wore a rubber band around my wrist, mostly because i wanted to be like him (i also wore baby doll barrettes in my hair because i wanted to be courtney love. the shame..) i still do wear elastic bands around my wrist, but now it's in case i need to put my hair up in a ponytail (really! i swear!)

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