Saturday, May 17, 2008

what's in your music collection?

this is interesting. here's the basic premise: put your music player on random and write down the first 20 songs that play. here's mine:

pearl jam - inside job
regina spektor - on the radio
the frames - happy
death cab for cutie - we looked like giants
pearl jam - evenflow
silversun pickups - rusted wheel
regina spektor - fidelity
pearl jam - blood
modest mouse - spitting venom
REM - electrolite
smashing pumpkins - jupiter's lament
carrie akre - catch me if you can
mic christopher - listen girl
built to spill - the wait
soundgarden - the day i tried to live
the frames - underglass
mic christopher - heyday
john butler trio - better than
REM - be mine
sleater kinney - modern girl

that was kind of fun. now, i took this from my computer, which isn't really indicative of my entire music collection - in fact, a couple of these songs (soundgarden, built to spill, regina spektor..), i haven't listened to in ages. but mostly, these are bands i consider some of my favorites - although u2 is noticeably absent from the list. but, it was interesting that the pearl jam songs that played were all live versions and the two frames songs that played are ones i don't even really like. i just spent the past hour listening to songs i haven't heard in a long time, thanks to this post. i think i'm inspired now to dig out my old soundgarden cd's.

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