Sunday, May 4, 2008

mike mccready

every year around this time, mike mccready (pearl jam guitarist) organizes a benefit concert at the showbox for the crohns/colitis foundation. mike has crohns disease, and it does not sound like a fun disease to have, so kudos to him for talking about it and doing all that he can to raise money for research.

the highlight of the show, for a pearl jam nerd like me, was a reunion of mike's first band (from the 80's), shadow, doing a jimi hendrix tribute. mike is such a great guitar player, and in pearl jam he doesn't really always have the space to show that. i was completely mesmerized by it for about 40 minutes. kim virant, a great local singer, sang on little wing, and duff mckagin from guns n'roses came out for a few songs too.

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Kristine said...

Wow. That is amazing that he took time out to do this concert then. And I am sorry I missed this concert Megan.