Sunday, May 25, 2008

my weekend in a few pictures and words

every weekend should be a 3-day one, i think. i love that it's sunday night and i don't have to think about work tomorrow.

both yesterday and today i spent my time wandering around the seattle center during the folklife festival. the weather actually turned out really well - it was supposed to be cloudy and rainy but it was surprisingly warm (especially on saturday). i'm sure that i've said before that one of my favorite things about seattle is the summer festivals. i know, i know, they're crowded and often overpriced (folklife is free, however), but there is a part of me that loves walking around watching all the people, eating gross festival food (my absolute favorite are greek gyros. yum) and experiencing complete sensory overload.

of folklife in particular, something i really enjoy are the percussion workshops. the "seattle drum society" (or whatever, i don't really know if that's their name or i made it up) set up a tent with chairs and drums and shakers and they have people who lead community drum circles. i know it sounds really hippy, and it probably is; i had a roommate in college (in vermont, can you get more hippy?) who used to do stuff like this (and she was also a really good guitarist and singer, but i digress...) also, for the first time, i checked out something called "participatory choral singing," which was basically the same idea but with voices instead of drums. there is something really comforting about being surrounded by all that noise and all these people who are doing the same thing you are. and there's something really liberating about it too.

that's what i love about folklife (and other festivals): i see things i might never go out of my way to see otherwise. i saw african dancing, "folk punk attack!" (which was, honestly, quite oddly endearing), accordian players, an irish fiddling group, and the "raging grannies," among other things i wandered in and out of. the best musicians are not necessarily the ones on the stages, but the random groups that sit on the sidewalk and play. on saturday, i saw a string band ("the tallboys," if you're interested; i see them playing all the time at festivals or pike place market) that i could have watched for hours.

this afternoon, i went to see indiana jones . i've never seen any of the other movies, so i had no idea what to expect. it was entertaining; an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

tomorrow, i plan to do nothing beyond taking a walk at green lake, getting my hair cut and watching bravo's marathon of top chef. (i love that show, but always seem to fall asleep halfway through the episodes when they're on the first time)

i'm waiting anxiously, kristine, to hear all about sasquatch. how was death cab? i'm sad i missed rem. boo hoo.

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