Monday, February 18, 2008

things i love about seattle, part one

cause sometimes i need to remind myself why i moved 3000 miles from my family.

there's nothing better than walking around greenlake on the first warm, sunny day of the year (although i also love it on cloudy, grey days). even when it gets crowded, something about walking around, listening to music (for me, live pearl jam or, more often recently, the frames) without a care in the world is heaven. plus, there are so many awesome parks in seattle - discovery park is great too. the view there is unbeatable, i think. gasworks has an awesome view of downtown too.
all the movie theatres
the town that i am from has 1 cinema, with about 3 screens (i'm sure there are more screens now, but that was how many there were when i was a kid). there are so many great theatres here that have loads of character - the egyptian, the harvard exit, the guild 45th, the seven gables...
pike place market
i love just walking around the market with no agenda, no time constraints. definately a great way to spend a day.
of course, i can't lie, this is a big part of why i wanted to move here. growing up, i was always in awe of people who lived in big cities because i could imagine them going to concerts and plays and out to dinner... i remember when i first moved to washington (i lived in tacoma before i moved to seattle.. blech) being amazed the first time i went to a concert (patti smith and sleater kinney in 2001) and came home and slept in my own bed. that was the coolest thing to me. i didn't have to stay in a hotel, because i actually lived close enough that going to concerts could become a regular thing for me..

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