Thursday, February 14, 2008


wow, that was an awesome episode. not least because it focused on sayid.. man, he should have his own show, just all about him. i'd watch sayid reading the phone book.
i was so proud of myself.. i'm never good at figuring out "mysteries" in shows or movies (even when they're completely obvious to other people), but i knew from the second sayid called his "boss" that he was working for ben. that rocks! i think that sayid has been working for ben all along. the way he looked at naomi in the beginning of the episode was just weird.. like he knew her somehow. and the way he took the bracelet she was wearing..i think that was a signal to him that she worked for the same person he works for. now i think that sayid is ben's person on the boat. either he's been giving him information all along, OR sayid is going to be on the freighter in the future, but ben is able to see the future and that's how he knows all the stuff he told charlotte in the first episode about herself. does that make sense?
argh.. it's so confusing. the thing that really stood out to me more than anything else was when sayid was telling elsa (i think that was her name.. the german woman) that he had to kill her boss because he was on a list. that was when i knew that sayid was working for ben, cause it totally reminded me of ben making lists of people from the plane to bring back to the other island.


Kristine said...

You are a genius! I think this in the future thing is just wow. I am with you on knowing that he worked for Ben. Ben is the master of making lists.... Hmmmmm.......

megan said...

i kind of am thinking now that ben is not completely bad. i mean, i'm sure he is sorta, but maybe the dharma/oceanic people are after him because he has figured out the whole time travel thing and that worries them for some reason. so he's trying to get them before they get him. does that make sense? i think i may have a little crush on ben even.