Monday, February 25, 2008

sometimes i need a revelation

it is completely unlike me to decide anything spur of the moment like this... i usually think and think about decisions, to the point of utter madness. but today, after a crappy morning at work, i decided that i wanted to see the swell season in san francisco (well, they're playing in oakland, but i can pretend it's san francisco..) so that's what i'm going to do! yay, i'm excited! this will be the first time i've traveled to see a band that is not pearl jam. wow, i think i'm more excited about seeing them than i am about seeing eddie vedder.

there's a scene at the end of almost famous when william (the boy) asks russell (the singer) what he loves about music. russell says, "to begin with, everything." i've always loved that line. it doesn't really explain anything, but it explains everything at the same time.

currently, i am reading a travel guide to ireland. i was at the library sunday afternoon, and i just decided that i could do some vicarious traveling. there are so many places that i want to visit.. it's fun to dream. someday, maybe. sometimes i just feel like i am just kind of sleepwalking through my life, not really living it the way i should, if that makes sense. i don't know, i just want to do things that are unexpected. does anyone else ever feel that way?


Kristine said...

I TOTALLY feel like that... Um quite often actually. And seriously, nothing feels better than realizing that you can make that dream happen. It is like sleep walking!

megan said...

thanks kristine. maybe i'm not as strange as i thought..