Saturday, February 16, 2008

late on my rent, my money's been spent

3 day weekends rock my world...

i had a wonderful seattle day today. although the weatherman said it was supposed to be sunny and warm, and it wasn't. ah, king 5 television, you failed me again.

i had new england clam chowder for lunch at pike place chowder. ok, i am from new england, and they have the absolute best clam chowder i have ever had. i love that place. and their crab rolls are almost as good as maine lobster rolls. almost. after lunch i went to sonic boom records, because i read that they are closing their fremont store (the other stores in capitol hill adn ballard are staying open) and having a big sale this weekend. all their used cd's were half off - i bought seven cd's for 25 dollars. hard to beat that. including 2 early REM cd's that i used to have but lost somewhere - murmur and life's rich pageant - which has 2 of my favorite songs, begin the begin and fall on me. score! while i was shopping, they were playing stone temple pilot's first cd. made me feel like i was 12 again. i have to admit that i almost bought an m.c. hammer cd - i loved that man. dude, you can't touch me!

tomorrow's agenda: haircut and possibly going to see the drive by truckers at the showbox. i haven't decided on that. into the wild is playing at the cheap movie theatre - maybe i'll go see it again.

i just realized i haven't posted about the election yet. if you don't care about politics, feel free to skip this - i went to the democratic caucus last week, and i voted for obama, but i kind of regret that. i like him and all, but he just seems to be very vague on his positions, which worries me. i keep reading about people saying that the nominees are so exciting, and the paper this morning even said that there were over 200,000 people at the washington democratic caucauses last week! which is great, of course - but i think that 2004 was much more interesting. at least then i felt good about voting for howard dean in the primary. i mean, he had some real stances on things that i could get behind - although maybe part of my love for him is that he was from vermont, and i spent a large part of my life in that state. i have to say that i wish al gore were running - as far as i am concerned, the environment is, by and far, the most important issue. period. and neither obama nor clinton have addressed that issue. (side note - al gore is really smart and a great speaker, no matter waht people say about him. seeing him speak at town hall on his book tour in may was one of the highlights of last year).
also - i saw my nasty neighbors vote for obama; that should have given me second thought.


Kristine said...

Megan! I just read about sonic Boom closing down... In Fremont that is.. It's sad! I love Fremont and partly because they have Sonic Boom! Oh well. I am going to make it my goal to stop there tomorrow no matter how broke I am, cause 25 bucks for 7 cds.. You really can't beat that!

megan said...

yeah, i like that store. it's cozy. and the guy who was working at the register yesterday was not bad looking at all...
so, any interest in seeing eddie vedder in vancouver with me in april?;)