Wednesday, February 20, 2008


that was such a good episode. the best ever of that show, i think.

chavez is up to something. at the end, when hawkins told him that there was one file the password wouldn't open, chavez didn't seem surprised. he's up to no good. i thnk maybe he was working with sarah - i'm beginning to thnk hawkins may have been the only member of his team who wasn't corrupt.

i love that jake and hawkins teamed up! that's what i was missing on the last episode. i also want to see gray anderson (the mayor) make some kind of a scene with the "president." that would be great.

the new history book was wayyy creepy. and the new flag was creepier. and the "constitutional convention?" a government that was not elected... haha. this show is brilliant.

and i LOVE stanley and mimi. that woman who plays mimi is an awesome actress. my favorite scene last season was when she was talking to the chicken before killing it. but i loved how last night stanley searched for her family. so sweet. i would much rather see them than emily and jack. blech.

i missed the preview for next week. what's going to happen? i think the main army guy (what's his name - the one that made jake the sherriff) will end up teaming up with jake and hawkins. he didn't look too happy when the other man came.

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Kristine said...

OK! Jericho ROCKS my socks.. (Does that make sense?) Next week RAVENWOOD comes back! Remember that from last season? So Jak is PISSED!
And-As to Mimi and Stanley. I LOVE THEM TOO! Gosh, I hate (Sorry, such a strong word.. I know!) Jak with Emily. I like them in the show, they both bring something good to the 'table' but just not as a couple...
I totally got the creepy feeling with the history books. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!! I can't wait for next Tuesday!