Saturday, February 23, 2008

This might take a while to figure out now
So don't you rush it
And hold your head up high
Right through the doubt now
Cause its just a matter of time
You've been running so fast
It's the seven day mile
Has you torn in between here and running away...

i think that it's really interesting to find out what websites other people go to. so, in the interest of that, here are a couple that i have been enjoying lately.
first, here is a link to glen hansard performing on 'other voices,'which is an irish music show. anyway, it's quite good, i think, and if you watch it, be sure to watch until the very end. glen hansard is one of the few singers who can make me cry.

i came across this woman's blog a while ago, and i'm not quite sure how. her name is carla, and she lives in seattle and rides the bus everywhere. what a boring thing to write about, huh, but she makes it interesting. plus, i admire her. public transportation IS cool.

last, but not least, is . you may already know about the station and the website, but do you know that they have all their in studio performances archived online? i can easily spend hours there exploring. (one of my favorites is - surprise surprise - the frames from 2005).

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