Friday, February 8, 2008


i watched last night's episode, and i'm pretty convinced that there must be some sort of weird time travel thing going on.. well, first, i think that the airplane at the bottom of the ocean bit was planted by oceanic/dharma. i also think that the four people were sent by the dharma initiative people to find ben on the island. and then at the end, when ben says that he has someone working on the boat, that must be micheal - that was the deal micheal had to make to get off the island. or he was working with them all along, similarly to ethan, except he wasnt caught for some reason.
the time travel stuff. i can't put it all together yet, but these are the things that stood out to me: when charlotte (the anthropologist) found the polar bear bones, i think it was the same bear that the lost guys saw in season one. how it decayed so fast, and how it got all the way to tunisia, i have no idea yet. in the season premiere, jack makes several references to his father in the flash-forwards, even though his father was supposed to have died before the flight even took off. so maybe the island allows people to go back in time and perhaps sometimes even change the course of events for the future - like how locke kills his father (well gets sawyer to kill him) before he can paralyze him. and maybe kate also changes her future somehow- which explains why she was not in jail when she and jack talked in the season finale. and rose is cured of her cancer on the island, because she goes back in time to when she was healthy. but there are also a lot of things that don't fit with this theory, so i'm sure it's not completely right.
one more thing - is it just me, or did that woman who was with charlotte in tunisia look like sayid's girlfriend? i'm probably wrong, but she looked familiar to me..
so, kristine, since i'm pretty sure you're the only one who reads this who has any idea what i'm talking about, what do you think?;)

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Kristine said...

MEGAN! I love your theory of them time traveling. Cause I mean, we know they are not dead, and yet how is all this possible! I totally agree, though there are few things to figure out. And with the whole Ben thing and Jacob. I am confused. And with the women getting pregnet too. Gosh, I WANT ANSWERS! But yes totally! I like the idea of time travel. It isn't too, I don't know. I didn't want it to be like they are in hell or this is in someones mind. Cause I would hate that. Smart Megan. Very smart thinking...