Friday, February 22, 2008

ok, hopefully this will work. this is the picture i wanted to show you, kristine.

New Bohemians
Two years ago, when, Once was filmed on the Dublin streets, sans permits, the stars and songwriters — Irish troubadour Glen Hansard and Czech prodigy Markéta Irglová — were as far from the public eye as the lovelorn musicians they depicted. Now the $160,000 "musical for people who hate musicals" has grossed $14 million, and the pair that remained tantalizingly distant on screen have found love off of it. "We were basically forced into a really intimate space, and pretty early on, we just started kissing," Glen says. Though their ages — he's 37, she's 19 — could have been a hindrance, Markéta doesn't want it any other way. "I wouldn't do this alone," she says, referring to their shared experience in the limelight. "It's just great to be understood by at least one person in the whole universe." Now, with mixed feelings about "selling out," they're eager to record another album together and get back to Glen's band, the Frames. (Film plans run a distant second to music.) But first, some R & R at their Dublin flat, in the form of housework or a few pints, to build up creative "ferment," as Glen says. "Music is medicine," he adds. "You take it when you're hurtin'."
On Hansard: Bottega Veneta suit, $3,320, vest, $980, shirt, $710, tie and pocket square; On Irgová: Miu Miu dress. Calvin Klein shoes.

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Kristine said...

THANK YOU MEGAN! Gosh, they are so cute and talented. I love them! And I can't wait to see them in April! GOSH! When do tickets go on SALE?!?!?!